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Meet our Get Psorted Ambassadors

Shared experiences are a powerful way to overcome many of the experiences we face. Our Community is your chance to hear from our three Get Psorted ambassadors, Mel, Russell and Christine, along with some of the experts behind Get Psorted. The following videos provide a short introduction to each of them, but be sure to explore the other pages – you’ll find videos covering topics ranging from seasonal triggers, to parenting support and so much more. Plus, make sure you visit our Facebook page to stay in touch with our wider community.

Meet Mel (3:35 minutes)

Mel is a confident and energetic woman who is passionate about sharing what it's really like living with psoriasis. She shares her experience taking on bullies and dealing with an ongoing and ever-changing battle with body confidence. Many of Mel’s videos see her talking to a range of healthcare professionals. Her mission is to find the right information to manage psoriasis as effectively as she can – and share that with you.

Meet Russell (8:59 minutes)

At first, Russell was cautious of sharing his experiences about what it’s really like living with psoriasis, but as you’ll see in his videos over the years, his confidence and comfort has grown. Now he is encouraging others to share their experiences alongside Psoriasis Australia CEO, Murray Turner.

Meet Christine (5:53 minutes)

As a mum, Christine had so many concerns and questions about her daughter’s psoriasis. Knowing when to ask for help and how to chat to teachers, sports coaches, family and friends about her daughter’s psoriasis has been a rollercoaster. Here, Christine shares her advice and some of the learnings she’s gathered along the way.