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The cycle of the seasons

Summer, spring, winter and autumn all bring their own challenges to managing psoriatic disease.6 Knowing what to wear, what to put on your skin and how to prevent a flare-up are all challenges that rear their heads as the seasons change. Here, Mel and Russell share some tips and tricks that might help!

Wardrobe malfunctions: Winter with Psoriasis (1:46 minutes)

What kind of clothes are better to wear during a flare-up? How do seasonal changes impact psoriasis? In this video journal Mel reflects on her personal experience of psoriasis and how she manages her skin during the cooler months.

Guys, let’s talk skin care and moisturisers (2:55 minutes)

Russell talks all things winter and the challenges he faces living with psoriasis every day. Listen to how he uses moisturisers and oils to help him keep his condition under control.

Ask the experts: Mel chats to GP Dr Mark Kent (12:06 minutes)

Here, Mel regroups with GP Dr Mark Kent on psoriasis fundamentals – what it is, where you can expect to find it, what causes flare-ups and how to best manage it. A video not to miss!